Biobio Society Virtual symposium

Biobio Society organizes a virtual symposium on May 11th, 2021 
What threatens us: Future pandemics & Lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic 
Symposium is free (max 500 participants), but requires advance registration at latest on May 5th:
For more information please contact  
PROGRAM (lectures are in English) 
9.30-9.35 Welcome – Dr. Hannu Koistinen, Chair of the Biobio society 
Session 1 (session chair Dr. Jenni Hultman, Biobio society/University of Helsinki)  
9.35-10.15 On the origin of pandemics – how do they start? 
  • Prof. Olli Vapalahti (Professor of zoonotic virology, University of Helsinki) 
10.15-10.35 SARS-CoV-2, why is it so different? 
  • Prof. Tarja Sironen (Associate Professor of emerging infectious diseases, Univ. of Helsinki) 
10.35-10.55 Bacterial pandemics 
  •  To be confirmed 
10.55-11.15 Antibiotic resistance – a real threat to the world! 
  • Prof. Marko Virta (Professor of microbiology, University of Helsinki) 
11.15-11.35 Modelling airborne virus transmission – the danger in public places 
  • Dr. Nina Atanasova (Senior scientist, Finnish Meteorological Institute) 
11.35-12.20 Break 
Session 2 (session chair Dr. Peter Sarin, Biobio society/University of Helsinki) 
12.20-12.50 The power of vaccination 
  • Dr. Hanna Nohynek (Chief Physician, Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) 
12.50-13.20 Future approaches for vaccine development 
  • Dr. Mario Barro (Vice President and Head of Advanced Research for Influenza Vaccines, Sanofi Pasteur) 
13.20-13.40 Knowing your enemy – need for diagnostics 
  • Dr. Minna Mäki (R&D and Production Director, Biohit Oyj) 
13.40-14.00 Data Science and AI against COVID: potential of smartphone data 
  • Prof. Sasu Tarkoma (Professor of Computer Science, University of Helsinki) 
14:00-14:15 Break 
14.15-15.30 Panel discussion – moderator Dr. Marc Baumann, Biobio society/University of Helsinki 
  • All speakers and audience via chat 
University of Helsinki